Centre for Learning and Literacy across Media

The mission of the Centre for Learning and Literacy across Media is to conduct scientific research on multiple facets of learning and literacy, and to translate the results into educational and societal practice. Its members investigate learning and literacy in their various forms, including reading literacy, mathematical numeracy, and digital literacy. They do so in diverse populations, including children, youth, and adults with and without special needs. Theoretical insights in these topics are gained by means of behavioral, observational, eye-tracking, and neuro-scientific methods. These insights are applied via development and testing of diagnostic tools, interventions, and professional decision-making techniques.


Prof.dr.P.W.(Paul) van den Broek
paul vd broek
Prof.dr.A.G.(Adriana) Bus
Prof.dr.C.A.(Christine) Espin
Christine Espin
Prof.dr.E.M.(Evert) Scholte